SPCA International

SPCA International

Advancing the safety and well-being of animals

Each year we make our mission a reality. Here are some of our outreach programs that help thousands of animals, resulting in a drastic reduction of animal suffering and abuse throughout this country and the world.

Shelter of the Week Grants: We award grants to animal shelters in need of assistance every week, in the United States and all over the world. These much needed funds go a long way toward helping many shelters improve their physical conditions, facility needs, supporting spay and neuter programs, and ultimately reducing euthanasia rates.

Bird in Oil Spill Emergency Shelter Grants: Though shelters and animal organizations always try to plan for the influx of more animals, an emergency situation or facing an unseen expense, shelters can often become overwhelmed. SPCA International has created the Emergency Grant program that provides animal shelters financial assistance when they need it the most, in immediate crisis situations.
Medical Assistance

Animal Medical Assistance: SPCA International has expanded its outreach, touching animal organizations throughout the world, by helping to provide them with much needed medical supplies and medication. Through this program, organizations in third world or low-income areas have been able to treat more sick and needy animals. They are able to better support and meet local needs, help treat animal health issues and advance positive human/animal relationships.

Operation Baghdad Pups

Operation Baghdad Pups Program: This highly successful program helps U.S. troops safely transport home the companion animals they befriend in the war zone. Operation Baghdad Pups is a logistically challenging program that helps immensely with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The animals bring comfort to our troops lives, and our troops provide their animals a safe, forever home. SPCA International receives three to six new requests for help every week from soldiers serving in the Middle East, and their families.

Educational Educational and Support Programs: SPCA International has created an educational and support service to provide animal lovers a way to educate themselves. They can share their concerns, ideas and needs with other animal lovers. A group of skilled individuals work every week to help research questions, find answers, offer supportive advice and connect those in need of assistance. We serve as an information and referral resource for animal lovers throughout the world. We also provide community shelter information, as well as how to responsibly adopt needy animals.

We encourage you to continue exploring our website to get the latest news, learn more about our programs and how you can directly help us make a difference!

In 2009, Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters presented SPCA International with the Pedigree Certificate of Recognition for Operation Baghdad Pups.  Many media outlets have featured our work including, CNN, Fox News, the Early Show, The Washington Post, and USA Today.

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