In November of 2010, word began to spread throughout social media that The Discovery Channel UK was planning to air a morbid documentary reenacting the autopsy of Michael Jackson, due to air on January 13, 2011. This was unacceptable. Not only would it be traumatizing to Michael Jackson's children, but it could also wrongly influence the upcoming manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, at the time scheduled to begin in May 2011. A group of us came together and vowed to NOT let this happen, and we started a letter-writing campaign, in conjunction with other groups and individuals, to stop it. We were prepared to go as far as we needed to accomplish our goal of getting the documentary pulled from the Discovery Channel programming lineup.  

As phase two of the campaign began, which involved writing letters to the Discovery Channel's major sponsors, the attorneys of the Michael Jackson estate fired off their own letter to the executives at the Discovery Channel. Read an article, and the letter, on TMZ here.

The letter was dated December 29, 2010, and on December 31, the documentary was pulled from the Discovery Channel's programming schedule.

In short, we must be prepared to stand up together once again, and fight if necessary.

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Our Mission:

We are here to ensure that Michael Jackson's dignity and privacy remain intact by maintaining the campaign against the airing of the Discovery Channel documentary. We succeeded once, we will succeed again.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with any aspect of this project, please send an email to