'Who Is It?' Official MJTP Team Members and Moderators

01/10/2011 15:43

MJTP Team Member Badge Assignments

          MJTP Verfied Moderators

An all-volunteer team, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Team takes great care in all that we do for you, and for Michael. This Tribute – and this website – is run with the utmost respect and integrity.  We get to know each other as a Team, and we get to know you as part of the MJTP family. We care about you and your safety on this site. 

If you have ever wondered whether someone contacting you on this site is in fact an active MJTP Team member, you can look at the Tribute Team page, and if we have linked to the Team member's MJTP profile, you can check their profile to see their MJTP Team badge.  Official MJTP Moderators will have an MJTP Verified Moderator badge on their profile, and be listed on our Acknowledgments page with a Moderator title. Officially assigned badges will be located on their badges section, on the left side of their profile, beneath their profile picture, beneath the statistics area. MJTP Team or Moderator badges appearing anywhere else (including profile pictures) have NOT been officially assigned (and only official MJTP Team members and MJTP Moderators are authorized to use their badge as their profile picture or other image anywhere on this site; use of these badges offsite is prohibited without express written approval by an MJTP Senior or Executive Team Member).

Not all Team members have their profiles linked to the Team Page, but all Team members are listed on the Tribute Team page. Additionally, there are some MJTP Admin profiles set up for specific purposes; these profiles are not listed on the Tribute Team page as they are not tied to an individual, but they do have their badges, and we will list them here for you: 

  • MJTPadmin
  • MJTPInTheNews
  • MJTPMichaelsAngels
  • MJTPphotosvideos
  • MJTPteam 

We reserve the right to change usernames if a someone other than the MJTP Team creates a profile with “MJTP” is in the username, if it seems it may cause confusion to us and to members. 

While we appreciate members taking the initiative to work with other members when they see a problem, in fact we encourage that, we do not approve of anyone falsely claiming to be a Team member. Impersonating anyone – Team member or otherwise – is a serious violation of our Terms of Service, and immediate action will be taken when it is brought to our attention. If you think someone is falsely representing themselves as MJTP Staff, please report them. For more information on how to report someone, please visit our FAQs page, and see “Reporting Abuse.” 

Thank you,
The MJTP Team