MJ Bodyguard -- Murray Asked, "Does Anyone Know CPR?"

01/04/2011 19:28

People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

0104_conrad_10_prelim_GettyFaheen Muhammad, one of Michael Jackson's bodyguards, just testified he was in Michael's room after Murray noticed MJ stopped breathing.  Faheen told the prosecutor, Murray was on his knees doing compressions on MJ in a panicked state, when he turned to Faheen and another bodyguard and asked, "Does anyone in the room know CPR?"

Faheen recalled how Prince and Paris were near the room and Paris was on her hands and knees crying.  The nanny took them away.

Faheen also said after Michael was pronounced dead at UCLA, Dr. Murray told him he was hungry and wanted to leave.  Faheen said he told Murray to eat at the hospital, but Murray left.

On cross-examination, Ed Chernoff got Faheen to admit Murray spoke with MJ's family and police before leaving.