Kenny Ortega – Star Witness for Preliminary Hearing

01/04/2011 12:22

Kenny Ortega, producer/director for the “This Is It” tour will be a star witness for the prosecution in Dr. Conrad Murray‘s preliminary hearing which begins today.

Kenny will testify that on June 19, 2009 − a week before MJ died — Michael complained he was cold, had the shakes and was unable to perform … so the rehearsal was canceled.

The next day, June 20 — an emergency meeting was held at Michael’s home.  Kenny Ortega, AEG, Michael, and Dr. Conrad Murray were present. TMZ report the meeting was “intense, loud and argumentative.”  Kenny read Michael the riot act, imploring him to take better care of himself because the tour was imminent.

Ortega will testify, during the meeting, Dr. Murray said some “terrible things,” showing a lack of concern and respect for Michael.

Ortega will also testify that on June 23 and 24 — the day before Michael died — Michael did a complete turnaround in rehearsals, wowing the backup dancers and others present with his moves and singing.

Ortega’s testimony is important, because prosecutors will argue Michael was fine before Murray began administering drugs the day he died.

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