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Murray Lawyer Paints Picture -- Michael Killed Himself

01/10/2011 14:43
Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers  laid the groundwork for their defense -- Michael Jackson delivered the fatal shot of Propofol to himself. Murray's lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, asked Coroner investigator Elissa Fleak two questions  1) Was the IV bag fingerprinted? and 2) Was it possible...

Murray's Other GF Describes Deliveries, No Mention of Propofol

01/10/2011 14:41
Dr. Conrad Murray's baby mama, Nicole Alvarez, testified today about multiple mystery packages Murray had sent to her Los Angeles apartment between April and June 2009. Although the contents of the packages were not mentioned in court, TMZ first reported back in October 2009 ... those packages...

Coroner Found A Dozen Bottles of Propofol

01/10/2011 14:41
An investigator for the L.A. County Coroner's Office testified her office found 12 bottles of Propofol in Michael Jackson's home. Elissa Fleak says two bottles were in the bedroom where MJ died, and the other 10 were in a nearby closet. One of the Propofol bottles found in the room by the...


01/10/2011 14:40
SMOKING GUN IN MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEATH Updated 1/07/11 at 10:35am A girlfriend of Dr. Conrad Murray's at the time of Michael Jackson's death just established for prosecutors Murray waited around 25 minutes after noticing MJ was lifeless before calling 911. Sade Anding -- who was in Houston the...

Michael Jackson's Miscellaneous Good Deeds

01/10/2011 14:24

Preliminary Hearing Enters Second Week

01/10/2011 10:30
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Prosecutors are poised to focus on the science of what killed Michael Jackson as the second week begins in the preliminary hearing for the doctor charged in the King of Pop’s death. Dr. Conrad Murray, who faces involuntary manslaughter charges, is accused of giving Jackson...

Kenny Ortega: I Didn’t Cause Michael’s Death

01/08/2011 19:38
The producer/director of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour is retaliating to Katherine Jackson’s wrongful death suit in which he’s named as a defendant, because he had nothing to do with the medication or treatment that caused the singer’s death. Kenny Ortega filed legal documents asking the...

Michael Jackson: The Experience Hits 2 Million Units

01/07/2011 18:36
The Wii, DS and PSP title based on Michael has sold through 2 million units altogether on the Wii platform alone, in North American, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The 2 million figure comes prior to the game’s Japan launch “later this year”; Japan, says Ubisoft, “has one of the largest and...

UCLA Docs -- Michael Was DOA

01/07/2011 10:52
Two doctors from the UCLA Medical Center testified ... Michael Jackson was dead on arrival, yet Dr. Murray told them "not to give up easily and try to save the patient." Dr. Richelle Cooper testified when Jackson arrived at UCLA there was "no signs of life." Dr. Cooper added Murray was not...

Tell-All Book At the Root Of Jackson Family War

01/07/2011 10:49
Katherine Jackson's war with Jermaine/Randy's baby mama Alejandra Jackson is all about a tell-all Alejandra is working on ... sources directly connected with the family and the dispute tell TMZ. We broke the story ... the Michael Jackson Estate has filed legal papers trying to evict Alejandra...
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