The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait


To celebrate Michael’s extraordinary life and legacy, world-renowned artist David Ilan is creating a unique portrait of Michael using only dots, in a technique known as pointillism. Each dot in the portrait represents someone that loved Michael, someone who will never forget one of the most wondrous people that walked this Earth in our lifetime. It's a way for us to share our deep respect for someone that truly deserves to be remembered forever.

The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is the coming together of fans all across the planet to do just that. By signing up to the project, we will form a part of Michael's history in a tribute that will last for all eternity, just us and Michael together. The website for this tribute has even been dubbed “a Facebook for Michael Jackson fans.” It's a way for fans across the world to come together and share their memories - hundreds of thousands of people have joined the tribute so far, and have already made lifelong friendships with people who understand so well the impact he made.

It will take 1 million people to complete this work of art for Michael - a target we're still quite a way off from. We truly believe that anyone that loves Michael would want to be a part of this, and would want to see the tribute finished and unveiled - as something that they are directly involved in. The bond between Michael and his fans will never break, and the tribute portrait goes that extra step to keep that bond visible.

You can help to finish this fitting tribute to Michael by joining today to get your free dot number, and taking part in the largest tribute in the world, to be remembered alongside Michael and his family, and ensure that the legacy he left cannot be forgotten.

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David Ilan places a dot



Davil Ilan working on the portrait



David Ilan with the portrait


Judith Hill gets her dot


Judith Hill with the portrait


David Ilan with Jermaine Jackson & 3 of his kids