Children's Wish Foundation International

Children's Wish Foundation International

Many people are surprised to learn that our founder and Executive Director was one of the few who pioneered the idea of wish fulfillment for seriously and terminally ill children. After losing her eldest daughter, Susan, to bone cancer, Linda Dozoretz became an active fundraiser, supporting causes that searched for a cure for cancer. For her efforts, she was awarded a trip to Disneyland, which she donated to a little girl from Susan's hospital who was also losing her battle with cancer.

"I saw that if I could do this for one child," she says "I could possibly do it for many". Wishes for more children followed and her community showed support by becoming actively involved in her efforts. With a determination to bring happiness to seriously ill children around the world, several years after that first wish Linda formed Children's Wish Foundation International and continues to serve as the organization's Executive Director.


Since its inception, Children's Wish Foundation has continued to expand its programs to enhance the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses.  Recognizing our families' needs outside of the scope of wish fulfillment, we stepped up our commitment to the children by developing a hospital enrichment program wherein we place educational and entertainment materials in children's hospitals throughout the world. We also created a Family Focus program that allows our Wish Families a respite from hospital or treatment life.


Children's Wish Foundation International is dedicated to bringing joy and happiness to children with life-threatening illness around the world.  This dedication has created memorable experiences for children and families in 53 countries.


November 1988: Michael donates one hundred tickets to the Atlanta, Georgia Bad Tour concerts, which were given to the Children's Wish Foundation to be distributed to terminally ill children.