Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital (Rome, Italy)

Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital (Rome, Italy)

The Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital was established in 1869 thanks to the act of love of a family sensitive to the needs of less fortunate children, the Salviati family.

It began with a room having four beds and over the years, and thanks to the work of thousands of collaborators, it has now become the present day reality.  Our hospital, property of the Holy See, is a charitable work in honour of our Holy Father, a Hospital and Care Institution of a Scientific Nature, projected into the future and in step with today’s progress, while  also based on the Christian principles of assisting and respecting individuals, rendering technology more human as a symbol of Christ.

To meet these objectives our staff  respects the following commitments:

  • pursue constant improvement in the level of quality assistance;
  • offer children and their families a reception and assistance based on respect and humanity;
  • guarantee that the family of the young patient receives exhaustive information on the diagnosis, therapy and prognosis in accessible and comprehensible terms;
  • guarantee that the child and his family are able to correctly exercise their rights participating in a well-informed way in decisions regarding the provided assistance;
  • guarantee  the child the right to be assisted, for as long as necessary, by a parent or other family member;
  • make sure, keeping in mind the amount of available space, that the child can benefit from a vital space;
  • implement the profession at all levels, as a testimony of human Christian principles, with competence, availability and charitable attention to all patients;
  • give any necessary religious assistance through the priests and sisters who are always present at each hospital location;
  • build, thanks to volunteer work, friendly relations with the child’s family, providing a valid support and times of relaxation to relatives who are continuously present in the hospital.

Charitable assistance, supported by scientific research, implies the continuous improvement of the diagnostic methods and therapies, in order to reach increasingly better service within a logic of humanization in compliance with the Christian moral code.

All this to fully perform Christ’s Commandment: