MJ's Security Guard: Murray Said Hide The Bottles

01/05/2011 13:56

Alberto Alvarez, a bodyguard who says he was MJ's Director of Logistics, testified Dr. Conrad Murray instructed him to remove bottles from Michael's bedroom -- along with an IV bag with a milky-white substance, before calling 9110105_alberto_alavrez.

Alvarez says he walked into MJ's bedroom sometime after 12:17 PM and saw Michael laying motionless.  He says Murray told him Michael had "an allergic reaction," then ordered him to collect a bag of bottles and put them in a bag.

And this is big.  Alvarez says Murray then "instructed me to remove the IV bag from the IV stand."

For the record, law enforcement believes the milky-white substance in the bag was Propofol.

Alvarez says there was a second IV bag -- which we know contained saline -- and Murray told him to leave it there.

Alvarez says only after the bottles and bag were collected did Murray tell him to call 911.


UPDATE:  During cross examination, Ed Chernoff, Murray's lawyer, got Alvarez to admit he never told the cops about Murray ordering him to remove the bottles.  Alvarez also admitted he may sell his story.


(Source: https://www.tmz.com/2011/01/04/michael-jackson-doctor-conrad-murray-preliminary-hearing-trial-witness-propofol-death/#continued)