MJ Cook to Prince: "Something May be Wrong with Your Dad"

01/05/2011 18:34

0105_kai_chaseKai Chase, Michael Jackson's cook, testified after Michael stopped breathing, Dr. Murray came downstairs in a panic and summoned Prince ... and Chase told the boy, "Something may be wrong with your dad."

Chase says it was evident there was an emergency and the housekeepers started crying.

Chase had testified MJ was on an extremely healthy diet, dining on seared ahi tuna salad for lunch the day before he died.

She found it odd that she prepared Tuscan white bean soup for MJ and Murray the night before Jackson died, but when she came to work the next morning the soup was untouched.


(Source: https://www.tmz.com/2011/01/04/michael-jackson-doctor-conrad-murray-preliminary-hearing-trial-witness-propofol-death/#continued)