Help Spread the Word About the Tribute Portrait, and WIN!

01/10/2011 15:38


January 5, 2011

There are countless tributes to Michael Jackson, with new ones appearing almost every day. All are special in their own way and are meant to show love and respect for Michael, but there’s one that stands out amongst them all – this one. The Tribute Team works hard to keep the community safe and as full of love as it can be, while also seeking to keep members engaged in the community, both onsite and offsite, spreading love everywhere they go. The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait means that much more because it involves the fans in a way that no other has. As Co-founder Jerry Biederman said in his introduction to the website, “This is a Tribute for the fans, by the fans, and it is available to everyone from all over the world.”

Each and every one of us is a crucial part of this Tribute in a unique way. We are all dots, and if it weren’t for us dots, the Portrait would not exist as it does today. We are each as special and unique as this Tribute is, and many of us call the MJTP home.

We want our MJTP family to grow so the Portrait can be completed, and for that, we need your help.  The world needs to see this completed portrait; each one of us dots representing one person whose life was positively affected by Michael Jackson. We still need to reach our one million dot goal. There are millions of MJ fans all over the world. The question is this: How do we reach them to make sure they know about this beautiful Tribute?

Of her own accord, Chris Serene, the MJTP Member Services Manager, has been working on an offsite recruitment campaign over the past few months with a few close MJTP friends.  For this campaign, they seek to recruit, or enlist, volunteers to tell people about the Tribute and invite them to the MJTP website to get their free dot and be a part of Michael’s Tribute Portrait. The recruitment campaign has mainly been on Facebook.

Although we have had some success there with inviting more people to sign up for their dots, we are looking to recruit new volunteers to help reach out to people to tell them about the Tribute, so we have decided to bring the recruitment campaign home to MJTP in order to find more volunteers.

Many of you have been a part of this Tribute for a while – you already know how special a place this is and what we have to offer. We fans are the best advertisement for this Tribute because we already love it so much.

Since the offsite recruitment campaign was started in September 2010, we have seen an increase of several thousand new dots. We are definitely making an impact, but, put quite simply, we need your help. We need more active volunteers to make contact with fans on and off the Internet! There are more than 24 million Michael Jackson fans currently registered on Facebook alone. That is way more than we need to complete this portrait. If we can get more MJTP members to join us in reaching out to people who have “liked” the
official Michael Jackson Facebook page, we could increase new dot registrations significantly!

And it doesn’t stop with Facebook. There are Michael Jackson fan sites and forums all over the world where we can promote the Tribute.  There are any number of other social networking sites, magazines and blogs, many of which may have members who haven’t yet heard of Michael’s Tribute Portrait and would love to be a part of it if they only knew about it!

We ask each of you to take a look at the resources around you, and see if there are more ways you can spread the word of the Tribute. If you would like to help, but aren’t quite sure where or how to start, feel free to check out Chris’
Recruitment Campaign group on the MJTP. We offer a multitude of suggestions to help you get started, and we are available regularly to answer your questions or help in any way we can. It is also a good central meeting place where we can all share our ideas, concerns and successes.

To make this extra fun, we would like to make this a little competitive! When you reach out to people to tell them about the Tribute Portrait, please give them your dot number. Ask them to include your dot number when signing up. There is a field where they will be asked, “Did someone refer you to this Tribute? If so, what is their dot number?” If they enter your dot number there, we will know you helped bring them to the Tribute.

At the end of the contest, we will see which Dot Member can take credit for the greatest number of new members, and we will give that person a free download of both our CD,
The Beat of Our Hearts: A Musical Tribute to Michael and our e-book, Fans in the Mirror, and a special dot in the area of Michael’s heart!  Additionally, every person who gets 1,000 people or more during this contest will receive a poster of the completed portrait, signed by artist David Ilan (posters will be created once the portrait is complete; we will keep all poster winners’ information on record so we know who to send the signed posters to).  The contest will run from January 5, 2011, through February 28, 2011; we will announce the winners as soon as possible after that.

Good luck to everyone, and remember: Michael’s Tribute Portrait is for all of us, and needs every one of us…every dot counts.  We are very excited to see the Portrait evolve, and for that, we need to reach that million dot goal! 

The MJTP Team