Bullying: Not Just for Playgrounds Anymore

01/13/2011 11:19

We have a unique opportunity to participate in defining a societal problem that will enable us, as civilized members of the human race, to appropriately address a grievous issue, thereby contributing to the evolution of a more humane world.

Please visit Huffington Post (a highly noted internet blog site) and support author Reverend Barbara Kaufman as she explores the insidious nature of bullying that culminated in the Discovery network's attempt to expose Michael's private information via a worldwide televised autopsy re-enactment.

Reverend Kaufman explores the rampant rise of bullying in our global culture, as well as linking this phenomenon to the exploitation of a deceased person's most private information, as well as gravely ignoring the deceased family’s well-being.

PLEASE: Support Reverend Kaufman by leaving comments using one's real name or a pen name.

IT IS CRITICAL THAT WE REFRAIN FROM USING OUR MICHAEL PSEUDO NAMES. (As Michael Jackson advocates, we are developing credibility through our dedicated efforts. Let’s show the world that we are people, too, who have names and feelings just like anyone else does.

-Please, ONLY use respectful language.
-Please refrain from fan-like use of language.
- Please DO a spell/grammar check before submitting your comments.

-If possible, please connect your comments about Discovery’s proposed autopsy airing to the broader societal issues of human decency, upholding dignity for self and others, objectification of a person both in life and in death, bullying, etc.

IMPORTANT: If anyone needs support in writing a comment, please contact me. We have a writing support system in place that is most willing to help.

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